Organi-zen – How to Be More Present and More Productive


Do one little thing

It’s so much more efficient

Than doing nothing

Feeling a little scattered? Are things piling up again? Wish you could stay with it and finish something? Let go of those self-critical and judgmental thoughts. Learn how to develop self-awareness and become pro-active. Read on to discover how to be more present and more productive.

The Japanese say “Kaizen”

It’s a management strategy that was implemented in business during their recovery after World War II. Roughly translated to ‘continuous, slow improvement’, Kaizen is about working smarter and focusing on incremental, gradual change in all aspects of life.

I say “My zen”

My zen, my philosophy, is that the most efficient way to make small but permanent changes, with the least amount of effort,is to do one little thing at a time.

Choose one little thing, focus only on that one little thing, repeat it again and again until you don’t even have to think about it. Then you can choose another little thing to do while continuing to do the one you mastered. That’s the way to develop new, healthy habits.


One thing at a time

More than that gets confusing

And things don’t get done

My zen is to identify just one small task. Choose something important you want to change, break it down into its components, then choose just one little task to start with.

My zen is to define a goal. Lower your expectations; under promise, over deliver. You can always do more, but why set yourself up for failure by asking too much?

My zen is to write down a step-by-step simple organizing system. Writing it down helps clarify what you’re going to do, how and when. When you list step 1, step 2, etc., you don’t have to figure it out each time, just follow instructions.

My zen is to practice and perfect that system regularly. If something is not working immediately, identify the trouble and fix it. Ask yourself, “What’s more stressful, learning to do this thing effectively, or not doing it at all?”

My zen is to forget the past and do something differently today. My zen requires a commitment to completing your task no matter what.Learning anything new can be difficult because it feels strange and unfamiliar. My zen encourages you to do everything you can to ease the discomfort of doing something new.

Here are some helpful ways to stay with it:

* Post reminders

* Write in your journal

* Talk to yourself – be your own cheerleader

* Tell someone else what you’re doing

* Read my book, “Do One Little Thing Today”

* Call me for help

My zen, your zen

When you follow these steps, I guarantee you will reduce your stress levels and make a difference in your environment. By continuing to do one little thing regularly, you will be able to do it with less and less thinking and it will soon become automatic. That’s when you know you’ve truly made it a habit.

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