The Past and the Present Amalgamate With Brisbane Car Hire

There are very few cities in the world, which do not have a history or a story behind their origin and growth. Brisbane is no different, because this city too has a story to tell and many a times, it is the buildings of this city that tell this tale. Brisbane car rental is perhaps one of the best ways to unfold this story, to yourself and your family.

The city of Brisbane, offers several historical tours, where a guided tour will enable you to see and photograph all the major landmarks. In case, you want a tour that is personalized, various operators will be able to arrange that for you. However, to get a true feel of the city, it is most recommended that you get yourself a car rental from Brisbane airport and explore the city in your way.

If history is what excites you, then you should definitely visit The Tower Mill, which was built way back in the year 1828. This is perhaps the oldest surviving buildings in the city, which is why it is a must visit. The building was constructed by labour, which comprised mainly convicts and was used as a windmill, flour mill and then later as an observatory.

Mt Coot-tha might not classify for exactly what you would call a historical site, but it is one nevertheless. This is so because in the year 1883, this place and the land surrounding it was declared to be a public park. If you want to get around the entire park, you will want to have a Brisbane car hire. At one point of time, several areas of the park were used for purposes such as mining, ammunition dump and television towers. Presently, this is a place where people come to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city of Brisbane.

However, do not think that the city has only a historical side to it, because there is a throbbing and vibrant side to it as well. The Gateway Bridge is one of the prime examples of the modernity of this city. The bridge, which was opened in 1986, has been constructed in a way that it is low enough for airplanes to fly over it and high enough for ships to pass under it. The bridge was upgraded recently at a cost of $1.88 billion.

Another example of the modernity of the city of Brisbane is the Sky needle, which stands tall in the middle of the city. This is a perfect example of how this city combines the best of the past and the present in a seamless manner.

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